Googan Baits Mukbang Bundle

Googan Baits Mukbang Bundle

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Just like our popular fast food Mukbangs on YouTube, the Googan Squad Mukbang is literally one of every different type of bait we make!

Stock your tackle box up with literally every fishing bait we make all at once. The bass will gobble it up like AP & Jon B at all-you-can-eat sushi.

Tag your Mukbang Bundle purchases with #GooganMukbang & TeamGoogan

Bundle Contains:

Braided Line
Flithy Frog
Flat Banger
Fluorocarbon Line
Grande Banger
Grass Hero Jig
Gridiron Jig
Hammer Hook
Juicee Jig
Lil Juicee Jig
Monofilament Line
Mini Banger
Mini Recon
Jr Scout
Thicc Jig
Poppin Frog
Mini Klutch
Grande Klutch
Jr Contender
Bandito Bug 3.3"
Bandito Bug 4"
Drag N Drop 4"
Drag N Drop 5"
Dart 5"
Dart 6"
Dart 7"
Krackin 3"
Krackin 4"
Lunker Log 4"
Lunker Log 5"
Lunker Log 6"
Mondo 7.25"
Mondo 10"
Rattlin Chunk
Rattlin Ned
Slim Shake 6.5"
Slim Shake 8"
Saucy 3.3"
Saucy 3.8"
Saucy 4.8"
Trench Hawg 4.65"
Trench Hawg 6"
Grande Recon

Why choose us?

we think differently

We strive to make the fishing experience efficient and straightforward. Everything we develop, we have the everyday angler in mind. We are always looking for ways to get you fishing faster and more effectively, from the diving depths and weights printed on our baits to the Catch Smart system used with our rods.

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