Patterned T-Shirt Subscription
Patterned T-Shirt Subscription

Patterned T-Shirt Subscription

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Note: You cannot use a discount code on a shirt of the month order, so please check this item out separately if you want to use a discount code on other items.

What Do I Get?


Our Shirt of the Month is a t-shirt subscription for the biggest of Googan Squad fans! Every month freshly designed t-shirts are sent to your door. By signing up you receive a fresh, new Googan Squad shirt every month. Why wear the same shirt when you can have a new one every month? Every monthly shirt is unique and will only be sold to subscribers. Stay tuned in, once the design is gone it does not come back!This shirt is a limited edition, one-time only design. We only ship these designs in the middle and the end of each month. The shipment date for your first shirt will be dependent on when you placed your order. After your first month, you will then be automatically charged on the 5th of every month and will receive your shirt soon after. If you order your Shirt of the Month Subscription with any other items, you will receive your item in two separate shipments.

Please refer to the FAQ page for SOTM details  

*baits are chosen at random and photos do not reflect the actual bait you may receive  

Why choose us?

we think differently

We strive to make the fishing experience efficient and straightforward. Everything we develop, we have the everyday angler in mind. We are always looking for ways to get you fishing faster and more effectively, from the diving depths and weights printed on our baits to the Catch Smart system used with our rods.

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