Ukraine Benefit Bundle

Ukraine Benefit Bundle

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There is a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and Team Googan is joining forces with the Action Ukraine Alliance to directly support saving the lives the of orphans and the most vulnerable in the face of immediate danger.

We are releasing the Ukraine Benefit Bundle and donating the proceeds to our supported charity the Action Ukraine Alliance. Every single penny they receive goes directly towards the Humanitarian Effort un Ukraine.

The Ukraine Benefit Bundle Includes:
Recon Grande Citrus Shad
Recon Mini Citrus Shad
Klutch Grande Shotgun Shad
Banger Grande Citrus Shad
Nuke Punch in Okeechobee Craw
Trench Hawg 4.65" in Watermelon Red Flake
Krackin' Craw" in Sprayed Lettuce
Googan Squad x Bass Mafia Money Bag

Who This Charity Bundle Supports:
Proceeds from this bundle support the Action Ukraine Alliance - a partner of HARP.

From the Action Ukraine Alliance: "We are a global alliance of highly-trained elite teams joining forces to take humanitarian action in Ukraine. We intervene and rescue the most vulnerable when they face urgent and immediate danger."
Click Here to Donate to the Action Ukraine Alliance

"War torn Ukraine is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. Amidst this devastation is the most vulnerable of its people, orphans. There are orphanages scattered throughout Ukraine where these children are in immediate danger. Not only are these children surrounded by escalating violence of war, they are also at grave risk of being prayed upon by Human Traffickers. This call to action is imminent and urgent!"


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