LakeForkGuy's Signature Shallow Cover Bundle

LakeForkGuy's Signature Shallow Cover Bundle

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Hey there Fishin' Freaks! The Duke of Dangle LakeForkGuy himself has created the ultimate shallow-cover bass fishing Signature Bundle for you! When the Lake Fork Legend himself hand picks the tastiest Googan Baits for fishing that thick, visible cover you just know they're gonna get chomped. Grab LFG's Signature Bundle, tie something on, and get ready for that ever so sweet victory sniff!

LakeForkGuy's Shallow Cover Bundle Includes:
Bandito Bug 4" - Green Pumpkin
Juicee 1/2oz - Black N Bue
Flat Banger - Mondo Shad
Mondo Worm 7.25" - Blue Fleck
Poppin' Filthy Frog - Nightclub
Dart 5" - Pro Blue Red
Hammer Hook - 4/0
Midnight Topo Gaiter Midnight
GS Decal

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We strive to make the fishing experience efficient and straightforward. Everything we develop, we have the everyday angler in mind. We are always looking for ways to get you fishing faster and more effectively, from the diving depths and weights printed on our baits to the Catch Smart system used with our rods.

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