Googan Squad Logo T-Shirt
Googan Squad Logo T-Shirt

Googan Squad Logo T-Shirt

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CA Prop 65 Warning
Lost Crate Collection
One fateful morning the Googan boys were rigging up for their daily dangle adventure when a crate appeared on the horizon... As it got closer a familiar GS on the side became clear in the distance, but what could it be? What was in this crate of mystery?

Flair let out a SHEEEW as the crate doors opened to reveal that lost pallets of Googan merch had made its way home! But what should we do with this lost merch? It wasn't in the plan... "No problem" the Googans said; "We'll give it to the fans!"

So here's your chance at some Googan merch from the archives at a great price. Enjoy adding some to your collection, and rest assured that more of the high quality Googan apparel you've come to expect in 2023 is coming soon!

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