$10,000 Googan Squad Bundle

$10,000 Googan Squad Bundle

$10,000.00 Regular price

The $10,000 Googan Squad Bundle

We are being 100% serious when we're telling you not to buy this $10,000 Googan Squad Bundle, because we're going to have to really take care of whoever buys this behemoth. Honestly, has anyone ever done anything like this before? If someone buys this thing we'll have to do something like crazy like fly them and a friend out to a Googan Week. They'd get to do things like give it a dangle in bass nirvana with Googan legends themselves. They'd get more tackle than fits in a boat, more performance swag than fits in a closet... we're talking the adventure of a lifetime here.

That's a lot of planning friends, and if you haven't noticed we like to fly by the seat of our pants over here. Speaking of: we'd probably have to give the buyer unparalleled access to top secret projects like our unreleased prototype baits, fishing pants, deck boots, or maybe even the new rods and reels we're coming out with. They'd have it all.

Seriously, don't buy this bundle. Or do. With great risk comes great reward.

Note: Now that we've thought about it we can only sell 2 of these things. They're a lot of work. We might never do this again. *Also, no discounts greater than the creator 10% off codes will be accepted on this item*

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