LOJO's Signature Bundle

LOJO's Signature Bundle

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Who's ready to get absolutely jacked and boat/bank-flip some BIGGUN'S?! LOJO's Signature Bundle is as versatile as they come. Made to catch fish in any lake, pond, puddle, or river the big man can give it a dangle in this bundle just straight gets it done. This man even included a Money Bag for you all to keep everything safe in while you cruise the bank or hop in the nearest available facebook marketplace find. *Disclaimer: This bundle does not stimulate beard growth*

LOJO's Signature Bundle Includes:
Lunker Log 6" - Green Pumpkin
Bandito Bug 4" - Watermelon Red
Zinger 3/8oz - Sexy Shad
Hummer 1/2oz - Black n Blue
Hammer Hook - 3/0
Klutch - Mondo Shad
Dart 5" - White Pearl Shad
Saucy Swimmer 3.8" - White Pearl Shad
Money Bag

Why choose us?

we think differently

We strive to make the fishing experience efficient and straightforward. Everything we develop, we have the everyday angler in mind. We are always looking for ways to get you fishing faster and more effectively, from the diving depths and weights printed on our baits to the Catch Smart system used with our rods.

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