Twitch CatchSmart Bundle
Twitch CatchSmart Bundle

Twitch CatchSmart Bundle

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CA Prop 65 Warning


This kit includes baits that work best when worked with rod tip movement. Erratic, slashing, or popping action — jerkbaits, walking baits, poppers are all included. MSRP: $43.95

Gear Recommendations 

Rod: A medium to medium-heavy casting or spinning rod

Line: 10-15lb fluorocarbon or monofilament

Products Included:

Googan Squad Blooper 
The Googan Squad Blooper is a topwater popper that will crash and splash its way across the water's surface. Point your rod tip down and apply quick snaps to your rod tip to get your Blooper to sing loudly and call in fish from a distance.

Googan Squad Hound
The Googan Squad Hound is a tight walking topwater bait with a cupped mouth for an added splash as you bring this puppy in. Throw the Googan Squad Hound when bass are actively feeding on baitfish, especially during cloudy days or low light situations.

Googan Squad Scout
The Googan Squad Scout is a hard-bodied, suspending jerkbait that looks and swims like a lively baitfish. This jerkbait is the deal whenever bass are feeding on minnows or shad.

Googan Squad Mini Banger
The Googan Squad Mini Banger is a downsized square billed crankbait designed to be fished around cover such as rock or wood. This downsized crankbait is perfect when the baitfish are very small, or the fish are highly pressured. 

Googan Squad Jr. Scout 
The Googan Squad Jr. Scout is a 3.5-inch hard-bodied jerkbait that looks and swims like a small baitfish. The Jr. Scout mimics the action of a rolling or dying baitfish which looks like a juicy snack to any passing bass.

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